22 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Open House

An open house is a huge opportunity for anyone hoping to sell — but you can’t just throw open the doors of your home as-is and expect great results. Before you get ready to open your house up to the masses, make sure you’re following all of these steps.



  • Clutter-free surfaces: Remove all possible clutter.

  • Deep cleaned: Clean from top to bottom.

  • No personal items: Remove all your personal items.

  • Cozy scenes in each room: Create little vignettes for buyers.

  • Patched, painted walls: Make sure walls are painted and patched.

  • Nice linens on bed: Dig out the nice linens.

  • Fluffy towels in bathroom: Use your best towels in the bathroom.

  • Mirrors on walls: Hang mirrors to expand space.

  • Shining sinks, showers, toilets: Spruce up your sinks, showers, and toilets.

  • Drip-free faucets: Fix any leaky faucets.

  • Bright light bulbs in every room: Replace light bulbs.

  • Half-empty closets: Clear out closets so buyers can see them.

  • Fresh flowers and mown lawn out front: Make sure your curb appeal pops.

  • Pets secured: Secure any pets out of the way.

  • Valuables locked up in a safe: Lock up your valuables.

  • An open house sign out front: Post a sign out front.

  • A flier in the streets: Advertise everywhere — fliers, social media, and so on.

  • Open windows: Let in fresh air and light.

  • A stack of fliers on a table: Provide information about the house.

  • Cookies on a table: Cookies or bread smell good and refresh visitors.

  • No sellers around!: Leave the premises — let buyers browse without you.

  • Feedback forms: Collect feedback and listen to it. 

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